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Amber Precast reach the milestone of 1/3 of the Contracted Supply of Concrete Containers. 

Amber Precast have now cast over 286 6m3 Robust Concrete Boxes (RCB's) in addition to 59 Shielded Overpacks. This is a significant milestone as it represents a 1/3rd of the contracted supply for Magnox.  The picture to the right shows the Amber Precast Facility with a number of 6m3 Reinforced Concrete Boxes (RCB's).


Nuclear container production ramps up and Amber Precast cast the 1st High Density 6m3 Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB)

Amber Precast have now cast over 200 normal density 6m3 Reinforced Concrete Boxes (RCB's) in addition to 40 Shielded Overpacks. During this period Amber Precast also successfully cast the first high density (HD) 6m3 RCB (10th November 2020) and of which we have to manufacture a total of 150 units for Magnox. 


Amber Precast completes 100th 6m3 Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) for Magnox 10th August 2020

Amber Precast have successfully cast the 100th Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB) for Magnox. This is a major milestone for the Amber team and a fantastic achievement for everyone at Amber.


Amber Precast complete COVID-19 back to work arrangements and operations restart 13th July 2020

Amber Precast have successfully implemented revised COVID-19 working arrangements that are compliant with Government Guidelines and have returned to manufacturing operations with the first 6m3 RCB cast since lock-down on the 13th July.
We are proud of the way our team have responded to ensure that we can move back to the "new normal" in a safe, efficient and productive way.


Interest from UK Waste Consignors in the new Amber Precast nuclear concrete waste container range - 12th January 2020

Following Amber Precast's success in undertaking the prototype development of the 6m3 RCB and being awarded the sole supply contract, the company has been busy developing a new range of fibre reinforced concrete containers with design partners that offer the waste cosigner unrivaled flexibility at a market beating price.
These innovative designs have been recognised by UK Waste Consignors and Amber Precast have been awarded a contract to develop the container range.


New Amber Precast is Born - 10th January 2020

Amber Precast has refocused its offering to support advanced cementitious technologies and products, in particular to provide concrete products for complex, extreme environments where quality and manufacturing skills are far more demanding than the traditional sector norm. The precast concrete and cast stone manufacturer in support of building sector has been sold off and is trading as Amber Valley Stone.


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