Magnox 6m3 Reinforced Concrete Containers

Case Study for the development, design and manufacture of IP-2 Self-Shielded Intermediate Level Waste Containers for the Nuclear Industry

Amber Precast and secured and completed, the prototype manufacturing contract for the Magnox 6m3 Reinforced Concrete Box (RCB), this work successfully concluding in October 2016. As a result of a industry beating competitive bid together with the successful completion of the prototype manufacture Amber Precast were awarded the supply contract for 1010 concrete and steel containers for Magnox over a 54 month period. The contract was awarded on 2nd May 2017 for around £20M and included the need for both normal density and high density concrete containers.

After the contract award, Magnox required the container to be uprated so that it could be successfully used with a wider range of nuclear wastes. As a result Amber Precast entered an 18 month collaborative arrangement where we worked closely with magnox to re-design the concrete box to meet these new requirements.

Following the successful redesign phase, in November 2018 manufacture of the first preproduction containers took place. Following testing of the inital preproduction containers manufacturing was stepped up to understand the production rates that could be achieved. The contracted production rates of 6 were proven to be achievable with the installation of the full contracted manufacturing plant.

In August 2019, Magnox approved the procurement of the full manufacturing plant that would allow the production of up to 6 concrete boxes per week.

This plant was installed at the start of 2020 and serial production commenced in February 2020.

Due to the redesign phase extending the overall duration of the project, Amber Precast worked with Magnox to introduce additional plant and manufacturing methodologies that would allow production to be potentially increased to 10 concrete boxes per week.

This phase is currently ongoing but manufacturing cycles point to the target of producing 10 containers per week being achieved.

Amber Precast intend to complete the project in the original contracted timescales.

These successes can only happen with a compentent contractor and an engaged and supportive client. Amber Precast is committed to working closely with thier clients to ensure success for all stakeholders. 


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