12 Months On: How We’ve Halved Our Lead Time

13 / 07 / 2015

It’s common knowledge that the volatility of the financial climate has had a profound impact on the construction industry in recent years. Many companies in the industry felt the effect of the economic downturn, some more fortunate than others in their recovery. Here at Amber Precast we are thankful that now the market is improving, we are once again thriving and welcoming the increased demand for our products and services.

This market resurgence was not all positive for our customers as 12 months ago we saw our lead time peak at 8-10 weeks, almost twice the 4-6 weeks we strive to deliver. As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers we knew this was not acceptable, and as we continually endeavour to increase customer satisfaction, we did something about it.

In order to increase productivity and efficiency, we employed additional Trainee Casting Operatives and placed them on a structured Development Programme. To meet the uplift in demand, we expanded our teams of Project Managers, CAD Technicians and Estimators too. In the next month we will also be welcoming an Administrator to our transport team to improve our response time. As a result, we’ve doubled our workforce to over 100 employees in the last 2 years.

As part of our Business Growth Plan we have also been electing Lean Champions within our teams to enable us to become the most efficient manufacturing factory in the industry. Efforts such as this have seen our lead time return to 4-6 weeks despite a further increase in demand. Even if your project requires a shorter lead time we invite you to get in touch with your enquiry, as due to us increasing our efficiency, we may have the capacity to fast track certain projects upon request.

Mark Johnson, Managing Director of Amber Precast comments:

“Not only have we seen our turnover increase significantly, but we’ve also forecast further growth and we put this down to two things: the improved efficiency of our teams and our dedication to listen and respond to customer feedback. As we continue to grow and diversify into new markets, I’d like to reiterate our promise to keep customer satisfaction at the centre of what we do. I look forward to continue working with you and would like to thank all those who stuck by us and believed in Amber Precast during our most difficult time.”