Precast Flood Defence for The Environment Agency

29 / 07 / 2015

Installation of our Architectural Precast Flood Defence walls progressing in Warrington.

From January this year, Amber Precast and VolkerStevin have been working collaboratively for The Environment Agency on the design and production of flood defence walls for the banks of the River Mersey in Warrington. The walls, manufactured with architectural precast concrete, will provide protection for surrounding communities as extreme weather and rising sea levels become an ever-growing threat to the UK.

The project, set to be completed at the end of September, is compromised of 560 metres of architectural precast walling with surface finishes such as acid etching and exposed aggregate, created using a retarding agent. Numerous wall panels have recessed lettering and artwork crafted using inset coloured tiles. Our precast cladding, piers and copings are being secured to driven steel sheet piling supplied by leading civil engineering company VolkerStevin, part of VolkerWessels.

Precast Concrete, is an ideal flood defence material due to its ability to stand the test of time by withstanding harsh weather conditions and numerous freeze-thaw cycles. As it requires minimal support, it provides the choice of structures being either fixed or freestanding. It’s also easy to achieve complex shapes, ideal for adapting to the irregularity of the country’s unique river and costal formations.

The Environment Agency, whose flood defence budget is £2.3bn, will implement 1,500 defence schemes across the UK over the next 6 years and Amber Precast are extremely proud to be involved.

Following the completion of the Warrington site, Amber Precast hope to continue working alongside VolkerStevin on many more projects over the next 6 years as the Government’s Flood and Erosion Management schemes are implemented across the UK’s riversides and coastlines.