Introducing Our New Colour Range

07 / 11 / 2017

Sand is a naturally occurring material, so at times its appearance is not consistent. As it is a quarried product, the source can change quickly and dramatically.

Amber Precast have recently been informed that our current source of sand has expired and that the new seam in the quarry has a slightly different colour. Consequently, our Technical Department have been sourcing and trialling various sands to ensure that we can produce the same quality of cast stone with as minimal colour change as possible. We have now found a suitable alternative that will be sustainable and provide the level of quality required to ensure little or no inconvenience is caused to our customers.

In the photos above you may notice a slight change in shading between the new and old stones.* We have used dry cast as an example but please note that the colour change will also apply to wet cast. Due to the timing of the change, we have not yet been able to send new samples to all of our customers, however now that our new supply partner has been appointed, samples are available upon request. Feedback from those who have seen the new colours has been positive thus far.

With immediate effect, all stone for new plots, phases or buildings will be manufactured using the new sand and colours. Existing buildings and replacement of previously manufactured product will be supplied from the old sand taken from a stockpile that we have managed to secure. Rest assured, we have a plan in place to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, however if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your Amber Precast Project Manager directly.

*Stone samples have been photographed in natural light in order to capture the colours as accurately as possible. Please note that due to different computer monitors/calibrations these pictures may not accurately depict the true colour of the stone. We advise that customers request a sample before placing a new order.