We Love A Challenge!

05 / 11 / 2018

As market leaders in Precast Concrete industry, we have a whole wealth of experience in producing Precast and Architectural Cast Stone and GRC, but where our team really excels is an area we call Special Projects:  finding solutions for projects that are structurally or aesthetically challenging. 

With our complete design service, colour matching and installation guidance as standard, we can see a project through from start to finish.

While individual projects may require bespoke concrete mouldings to fulfil different construction requirements, our Special Projects team may use various techniques to achieve the desired result. Bespoke concrete could contain different additives, admixtures, cements or aggregates to fulfil a function such as waterproofing, durability or heat conductivity.



Our 60,0000ft² manufacturing facility ensures that we are able to serve any construction project that we are presented with. The acquisition of Ebor Concrete in 2016 further increased our handling capabilities. We are also working towards an extra credential of ISO 19443:2017, bringing added security and confidence to our products.  

Precast stone has many advantages over site cast concrete, and these have made it the preferred approach in construction industry. Precast concrete can be moulded and manufactured in a variety of shapes and textures, to a guaranteed standard. Curing the concrete in ideal conditions at our manufacturing site means it is strong yet lightweight, exactly to spec and standard. 

Our precast stone, architectural stone and GRC are both cost-effective and visually appealing. They always exceed the compression strength and water absorption requirements of BS1217 and EN771 amongst all other UK Cast Stone standards.  

We love the challenge of finding your perfect solution – the only limitation is your imagination!  



To find out how sister companies Ebor Concrete and Amber Precast can bring your project to fruition, no matter how challenging the concept, contact us now: