Luxury Housing Built To Last

24 / 01 / 2019

With the market for luxury housing set to continue to increase, 2019 is a great time for house builders. Choosing your partners in preparation for your project, though, is an important factor in ensuring that your house building project runs smoothly and to the best working practices.

Your architect works along with your project managers and team leaders to guide you through the various selection processes as the project develops. Amber Precast encourage early engagement with project architects to aid complete understanding and development of the project.

Our project managers will help and guide you, from initial conception to the completion of your house building project. Whether it is guidance in storing and using our wide range of bespoke and standard products, choosing one of our extensive range of colour options, or help to keep costs down by using existing moulds, we are here to help.

Amber Precast supply both standard and custom-made products to some of the biggest names in house building. We use locally sourced materials moulded to almost any shape, always with the environment, sustainability and durability in mind.

We build on our specialisms in semi dry cast, wet cast and GRC products to produce a range of products that fulfil your requirements. With either bespoke individual designs or by faithfully reproducing existing work, Amber Precast support you and your team to the full.


What you can expect from Amber Precast:

– Partnership: we work together with your team to fulfil your requirements;
– Experience: our experienced commercial estimating team will give you an accurate cost for the project;
– Knowledge: our experience and knowledge will help guide you and your project to completion;
– Design: with inhouse CAD technicians, you can trust that we will deliver;
– Dedication: our project management team are as committed to your project as you are;
– Solution: a complete Design, Supply and Installation Package.


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