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Building on Education

Using both bespoke and standard mouldings we manufacture cast stone products that fulfil and exceed your requirements. Our colour matching service allows us to develop shades and finishes thereby seamlessly adding to your current buildings and surroundings. Design and budget constraints can be overcome with no extra cost by using long lasting and cost effective precast stone products.

With a reduced environmental impact and increased flexibility of design, Amber Precast products complete your project.

Benefits of Precast Stone

Precast stone can be produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and in a variety of shades and colours making it the ideal choice when you are looking for a structurally sound product in a beautifully designed finish, aesthetically pleasing and attractive on the eye.

Concrete is a extremely robust building material, maintaining a high appearance with low maintenance, while being capable of withstanding everything, from the constant footfall found in education buildings to the wide variety of temperatures found in the UK. Good acoustics are essential for learning, and precast concrete excels in this area too, making it ideal for both mainstream schools and universities and specialist music or drama schools.

Many of our implemented materials are based on naturally occurring Earth oxides, we also successfully reduce environmental impact with minimal use of steel reinforcement where possible. Completely adaptable, precast stone can be moulded and manufactured to reproduce a wide range of shapes and textures.

Focusing on our specialisms

Amber Precast have been producing high quality precast stone products for over 20 years.  Building on the knowledge we have gained in various facets of the industry over those years, we have the experience to complete your project, to time and within budget.

For more information on our Architectural Cast Stone, Architectural Precast or to find out how Amber Precast products can bring your idea to life, please contact us today.