Installation Guide

Amber Precast cast stone units should be fitted by suitably experienced personnel. Please use this installation guide as a reference.

Mortars containing lime are particularly recommended and Amber Precast strongly advises that the mortar used for the installation of our cast stone units be no stronger than cement: lime: sand 1:1:6. We would like to point out that this is likely to be different from that used in the surrounding brickwork. However, if too strong a mortar is used cracks caused by differential movement will occur.

Bedding & Jointing
Most Amber Precast products are designed to be fixed with 6mm joints between units. Amber Precast can supply colour matched
pointing mix – ready for mixing on site.

While the mortar is still plastic, units should be positioned into their final position. Excess mortar should be carefully cut away from the joints without smearing the face of the cast stone unit.

Amber Precast can provide a range of suitable fixings that can be cast in during manufacture to allow easy installation of our products. Please contact us at design stage so that your requirements can be discussed.

We strongly advise against carrying out extensive cutting on site. Staining can occur on cut units if they are not brushed or washed down immediately after cutting, which can be extremely difficult to remove. Where cutting is essential, units should be cut using a diamond tipped masonry saw, preferably water fed.

General Considerations
During construction, protect cast stone units with heavy gauge polythene sheeting to prevent mortar stains, paint drips or other construction materials damaging or staining the stonework. Brace work in progress to prevent damage to newly assembled items. It is advisable not to undertake more than 1.2m in an individual lift in any one day unless restraint is used.

Damaged Stones 
Never knowingly install cracked or chipped stones. Amber Precast can usually replace standard items within a few days and bespoke products within 14 days. Although Amber Precast provides a repair service it is always more cost effective to replace a defective stone early in the build programme.

Advice offered by Amber Precast Ltd is given in good faith and it is to the best of our knowledge accurate and true, but is offered without guarantee.

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