Fixing Details of Copings to Raking Walls

British Standard
All coping systems should be designed and installed with reference to BS 5642 : Part 2 : 1983.  They should also be designed to prevent downward penetration of water and to direct water clear of the walls below.

Damp Proof Course
A flexible DPC should be used to prevent the downward transfer of moisture onto the wall.  This DPC should be overlapped and bedded on both sides so that it is sandwiched in the joint.

Cramp fixings tied into the brickwork are used to prevent coping slipping down wall and also to prevent lifting. The number of cramps is determined by exposure ratings, etc.  For guidance, see BS 6399-2 : 1997. Copings are tied into one another using 6mmØ stainless steel dowels.

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