All cast stone heads should be installed in accordance with BS 5628-3. Heads are non-load bearing and appropriate structural support should be provided to carry the imposed loads from above.  One piece and multi-stone heads can be supported from below on a box-type steel lintel.

Self Supporting Heads
One piece heads can be self-supporting. They will require a steel lintel, longer than the cast stone head, to transfer the imposed loads from above into the adjacent masonry. A slip plane will be required at the end of the cast stone head as well as a soft joint between the top of the head and the steel support lintel.

DPCs and Cavity Trays
It is important to provide a waterproof barrier over all heads that will channel and discharge water to the outside face of the masonry. A cavity tray should be inserted over the cast stone head, this will act as a DPC and also as a slip plane.

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Technical Data Ref: TDS/004 January 2010