Product Specification

The following information is applicable to all Amber Precast handmade architectural and ornamental dressings.

All products are manufactured as a minimum to comply with BS1217:1997 (except where specified) and in the main technical performance criteria they far exceed these standards. All products are created from a homogeneous mix, i.e. without using a backing material.

All cement, aggregate, pigment, waterproofing materials and other additives used in Amber Precast cast stone products comply with their relevant British or European Standard.

All products are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment with modern batching and vapour curing facilities and storage is available to accommodate all products for a minimum curing period of 14 days.

Compressive Strength
When tested in accordance with BS 1881: Part 116: 1985 compressive strength in excess of 35 MPa are achieved – typically 47 MPa. Cubes are tested on a weekly basis by an independent testing facility in Derby and results are available for inspection.

Typical material density = 2100 Kg/m3

Water Absorption
Typically 3.5%

Drying Shrinkage
Less than 0.06% when tested in accordance with BS 6073: Part 2: 1981

Handling Reinforcement
All products are purely decorative but handling reinforcement has been introduced where necessary in accordance with BS 1217: 1997 where necessary.

Weathering Class: CAT to BS 1217. All Amber Precast cast stone units contain stearate – a water repelling admixture that helps to reduce both water absorption and penetration. As this additive is added to the entire mix, it does not affect these properties if the finished product is cut.

There are two reasons for adding stearate that benefit both the end user and contractor:
1) The finished product dries quicker following rain, and therefore doesn’t attract so much atmospheric pollution which can lead to staining.
2) Because there is less initial suction of moisture from the joints, it allows better curing of the mortar without any loss of adhesive qualities.

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