Site Handling and Practice

Amber Precast manufactures, stores and transports its products to the highest possible standards to ensure that all cast stone is delivered in a first class condition. These guidance notes have been prepared to enable personnel using cast stone on site to understand the nature and characteristics of the product.

Cast stone is a purely decorative product and therefore should be handled with care.  It is not designed to withstand rough handling and should be treated as natural stone.

A COSHH Guidance Note is available from Amber Precast on request and users should make themselves aware of Health & Safety Regulations regarding manual handling of loads.

All Amber Precast products are on pallets and delivered by experienced personnel on purpose-designed lorries.  The fleet contains vehicles of varying sizes to enable most delivery scenarios to be accommodated.

On arrival at site, the pallets should be unloaded using either a forklift or by grabs.  If using grabs, it is essential that the pallet is gripped and not the products on the pallet.  Slings are not recommended to be used.  Scaffold poles are also not suitable implements to offload pallets of stone.  If slings are the only alternative for unloading, protection must be placed on the corners to protect the arrises and the sling positioned to give even support.

Site Storage
All Amber Precast products are delivered packed on pallets with polystyrene protection between all units and underneath.  Corner protection is also used where necessary and the whole pallet is plastic shrink-wrapped.  Where specified plot loads are also packaged in lifts.

Products should be left in their packaging until immediately prior to using.

Pallets should be stored on flat, level, and dry ground well away from other trades or roadways.

Pallets should never be double stacked.

Always slit open shrink-wrapping with a knife, never use site tools or try to open the plastic by hand.

If opened pallets of stone need to be stored, ensure that the internal polystyrene packaging is reused between stones and that the pallet is recovered with plastic to ensure that water, dust or dirt does not come into contact with the stone.

Site Handling
All cast stone units over 25 Kg/1 man or 40 Kg/2 man lift can be supplied with cast-in lifting sockets if required and it is strongly recommended that these be used when moving individual units.  Lifting loops that screw into the lifting eyes are available from Amber Precast.  Where these are used, ensure that the thread is screwed fully home so that it doesn’t strip.  Prices for inserts and loops are available on request.

Forklift trucks or other suitable plant should be used for moving pallets around on site.

Always position pallets of open stone where they will not become damaged  (i.e. not where items can fall on them or where vehicles may run into them).

Always re-used the internal polystyrene packaging to protect the faces and arises during site handling.

Never slide units across one another, as this will damage the fine surface of the cast stone.

Advice offered by Amber Precast Ltd is given in good faith and it is to the best of our knowledge accurate and true, but is offered without guarantee.

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