Standard Portico Details

Stage 1—Columns
Construct  column as shown in Technical Data Sheet TDS/002.

Stage 2—Steel Support
Place support  steel onto columns, bolt or build in ends to wall.

Stage 3—Architrave
Set up timber to support ‘L’ architrave, lay and line stone dry.  Screw threaded rods into cast-in sockets and tighten both nuts over washers.  Drill 2 holes into vertical leg of architrave and insert capped dowels.  Fill and point perp joints.

Stage 4—Cornice
Bed cornice onto top plate, insert bolts (2 per stone).  Do not over tighten bolts.

Stage 5—Coping
Lay DPC on cornice and bed coping including fixing dowels.

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Reference: TDS/006 JANUARY 2010