Window Surronds

All cast stone window surrounds should be installed in accordance with BS 5628-Part 3.

One piece and multi-stone cills should be installed following the guidelines in Technical Data Sheet 003.

Jambs and Mullions
The full height vertical DPC should overlap the cill DPC and extend into the cavity at least 25 mm beyond the width of the closer. One piece and multi-stone jambs / mullions  should be fully bedded and located on stainless steel dowels drilled equally into both cill and jambs / mullions.  Stainless steel dovetail anchors should be inserted into the stainless steel slots cast into the side face of jambs and then bedded into adjacent mortar joints as the masonry wall is constructed.

One piece and multi-stone heads should be installed following the guidelines in Technical Data Sheet 004. One piece heads should be fully bedded and located on stainless steel dowels drilled equally into both head and jambs / mullions.  Heads are non-load bearing and an appropriate structural support should be provided over the cast stone head to carry the imposed loads from above.

Multi-stone heads should be supported from below on a steel lintel that has dowels pre-welded to the underside. The steel lintel should be fully supported on the adjacent masonry with the dowels drilled into the top of the jambs / mullions.

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Technical Data Ref: TDS/017 January 2010