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Amber’s position as a market leader in the bespoke precast concrete industry allows the company to offer manufacturing capabilities that are second to none and enables customers to turn their designs into reality.

Special projects is the banner under which we place our more complicated work and provides solutions for projects that are structurally or aesthetically challenging. Projects supplied from our site in Sheffield push our design boundaries to their limit, and with a newly commissioned batching plant, high capacity craneage and vast floor space, quality products to the highest possible standards are supplied to our clients.

Following Amber Precast’s recent successes, we have been able to expand our facilities and capabilities to ensure we can serve any construction project that we are presented with. With a 60,000 ft² manufacturing facility, the possibilities are endless with what we can achieve. As you may know, we have a newly commissioned batching plant which is adding to our expanding equipment list and our handling capabilities, whilst additionally working towards an extra credential of ISO 19443: 2017.